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Welcome to Focus Personal Training!

Euan newMy name is Euan Mackinnon, a personal trainer working in the Edinburgh area providing; gym sessions using Edinburgh Leisure gyms, outdoor training, training at home and nutritional advice.

You, the client are the focus here; I care about helping you to succeed in reaching your desired goals. They could be anything from losing a few pounds, getting the body you’ve always wanted for that special day to sport specific training or help in building towards that next big event.

I am a REPs level 3 qualified Personal Trainer with a Level 4 Diploma in specialist exercise focusing on Obesity and Diabetes








(Euan Mackinnon is a REPs Level 4 registered Personal Trainer)

Why not look at what some of my other clients have said about their Personal Training experiences with me.

You can find out more about the services that I provide on my Personal Training Services page or you can learn more about the various training styles and analysis techniques which I use below.


Cardiovascular Training

Cardiovascular Training ImageEnsuring you keep your heart and lungs healthy using training such as running, stair climbing, cycling or cross-training.

Resistance Training

Resistance Training ImageIn which we put muscles or groups of muscles under stress asking them to work harder than they would normally do.

Functional Training

Functional Training ImageWhere we use specific movement patterns to prepare the body for activities performed in daily life.

Flexibility Training

Flexibility ImageTight muscles can inhibit the natural movement of the body and cause injuries. Flexibility training ensures this does not happen.

Postural Analysis

Postural Analysis ImagePosture is the structural integrity of the body, tests can be carried out to highlight any areas that need to be worked on.

Nutritional Analysis

Nutritional Analysis ImageWhere we look at a person’s dietary needs and requirements and then look at what is good and not so good within that diet.


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