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Gwen Scott wrote:

Euan helped me back to fitness after 2 major operations and I'm now on the road to recovery. Euan knew right away what kind of exercises were needed. It’s now been nearly 3 months, since I started with Euan and I’m feeling great and getting my shape back.

Euan has been an immense help in motivating me to a new exercise regime. His approach was one of great understanding and encouragement and I would thoroughly recommend his services.


Nico Ewert wrote:

With my wedding just around the corner I decided to hit the gym to get into shape. Having always started at the gym and never following through I thought I'd give personal training a try. Euan was the first call I made and after a very friendly meeting we hit the gym. Our first session was brilliant; we assessed my fitness and did some crcuits.

Over the next 3 months I did two blocks of 12 sessions and am currently in the best shape of my life. As well as very enjoyable PT sessions Euan also gave me a programme to do on my own which progressed as the weeks passed. As well as cardio we als did free weight work (which I was a complete novice at) and high impact sessions.

Euan's laid back and friendly approach has given me the confidence to go to the gym and enjoy it. I highly recommend Euan.


Claire McLouglin wrote:

Euan's an excellent personal trainer. I felt he was sympathetic to my needs whilst challenging me and paying attention to my technique. I used to think I wasn't very good at sport in general, but Euan has helped me develop my confidence a great deal. I plan to keep it up!


Jill McKenzie wrote:

I have had a Personal Trainer for several weeks now and do it with Focus Personal training. I do my training every Wednesday at Drumbrae Leisure Centre.

A typical day will consist of using the cross trainer, treadmill, weights and floor exercises. Starting with the treadmill I do 10 minutes warm up before we start. My current speed is 5kph. before i started with my Personal Trainer I was doing between 3-4kph. I also do step exercises now, something that i didn't really bother with before I had my own Personal Trainer. I exercise using balls of various weights, swiss ball, wall press ups, squats and squeezing the swiss ball as hard as I can.

I have also used the power plate for the first time, something that I would not have done on my own. Ok, getting a Personal trainer isn't cheap but they are patient and if I have an off day I can just tell him. My personal trainer makes exercising fun and it is now the highlight of my week. I have a personal programme that he helped me come up with. Working with a personal trainer is both challenging and work, but to date I have lost a large amount of weight and I feel much better and healthier for it. In between the times with my personal trainer, I also go swimming.

So if you find yourself anywhere near the gym at the Drumbrae Leisure centre come on in and say hi. It's the best decision I Made.

( Jill wrote this as an article for the 'Places for People, Care and Support' newsletter in June 2010.)

Kenna McArthur wrote:

I contacted Euan as I was really struggling to find motivation to do any kind of exercise at all and was becoming more unhappy about the way I was looking and how that was making me feel! I had previously attended his outdoor circuit classes so already knew I liked his style of working out and I knew that I would be comfortable working with him one to one.

After meeting with Euan I felt instantly motivated and was looking forward to what was in store and it has all been great and worthwhile! Have you ever been to the gym and wondered what all the gadgets are for that line up along the wall??? Well now I know and I love using them to benefit and enhance my workout. I now actually feel, for the very first time, that when I leave the gym I have worked as hard as I possibly can and have worked as much of my body as I possibly can! The results??? Great! I love the defintion that even after a few weeks began to show and kicking minutes off fitness tests in 6 weeks is an amazing feeling!

Euan will work you hard and will push you, sometimes to your limits, but it is definitely worth every minute! It has been great to work with someone who motivates you, enourages you and makes you feel like you can achieve any goal you set! I love the fact that I now have many different workouts I can do in the gym and now I can never say it is getting boring as there is always something different and challenging I can do to make working out fun! I am about to sign up and start training for my first sprint tri-athlon, something I never thought I would do so thanks Euan, it really has been brilliant!


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